Sweater Dress

Sometimes porn cracks me up. And sometimes a single picture can bring back a flood of memories.

This photo of Ann Angel is the perfect example. I am so much a product of the 1980s that it’s no longer funny. I remember a time sweater dresses were all the rage. All the girls wore them, and they were hot. Then again, I grew up on the upper East Coast where it got cold during the winter, and women dressed a bit differently.

And when I saw this photo of Ann Angel it brought back all of those goofy memories.

ann angel sexy dress1

Ann Angel is looking smoking hot here!

In fact, one of the first things that came to mind was one of the first “sexy photos” I had ever taken. This was when I was living in New England with my girlfriend Beth; Those first pictures were in a black sweater dress on the couch in her parent’s house. That was a long time ago.

In fact, Ann Angel blows my old girlfriend out the water! It cracked me up when Ann Angel pulled up her dress and showed us a little bit of her ass…… Very nice!

ann angel sexy dress2 ann angel sexy dress3 ann angel sexy dress5 ann angel sexy dress8

Just a little bit more higher Ann Angel…. Hike up your skirt and show us the world!

ann angel sexy dress7

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Pole Dancer

Every man I know would never pass up on a trip to the local strip club. At the same time, it seems like every man I know has also had sex with a stripper at least once. Some of you all were even dumb enough to pay for it!

Now imagine Ann Angel, wearing nothing more than stripper heels, black panties, and her perky little breasts tightly wrapped up in a matching black bra……

anna angel pole dancer1

If she can dance or at least properly hump this pole, I’m sure Ann Angel will be breaking many hearts with this little routine!

anna angel pole dancer2 anna angel pole dancer3 anna angel pole dancer4 anna angel pole dancer5

And the more she dances the more Ann Angel will be breaking hearts!


anna angel pole dancer6

I hope Ann Angel caught this all on video!!!!

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Fapping That Ass

Ann Angel is so hot she could make any faithful man be unfaithful. She’s good like that.

Today Ann Angel is wearing sexy black lingerie and black stockings; She’s looking down her own top to check out her breasts. She’s as turned on by her own breasts as we are!

ann angel-05

And when she gets up on her hands and knees and shows us her tight little ass… That’s a slice of perfect right there!

ann angel-08

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Angel In Blue

Well, isn’t this a bit too much to handle this early in the morning??? Ann Angel all dressed up like an angel in blue….. Nice rack!

Check out what Ann Angel is doing with her tongue……

sexy ann angel in blue

Now that’s hot!

But what is Ann Angel trying to tell us? That she’s a champion cock sucker? Or that she’s a raging lesbian that loves to lick snatch? I’m okay if Ann Angel is a lesbian, as long as I get to watch – Because watching lesbians like Ann Angel and her girlfriends kiss each other’s lips and rub their boobies on each other is always a huge turn on!!!!

Oh how I do love the Ann Angel!!!!

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When Ann Angel pulls out her titties, she has everyone’s undivided attention! No one would be able to walk away from Ann Angel when she’s exposing her breasts… I think Ann Angel is dancing around in a field with her breasts exposed, bouncing all around…. Very much hotness!

ann angel titties out

Looks like Ann Angel is having a lot of fun – but then again, Ann Angel is always having fun and even more so when she’s getting naked!

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Ann Angel is showing us exactly how we like our women dressed up… I like it a lot.

All Ann Angel is wearing is a sexy bra and black panties (we need the panties, fun to look at and take off), a short plaid skirt (nothing says “please fuck me honey” like a short plaid skirt”), and then some black stockings… Through in some high heels and Ann Angel has enough to blow our doors off.

ann angel sexy-teen slut

Don’t we all wish we had a girlfriend like Ann Angel?

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Sun Tan Lotion

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they had in mind with sun tan lotion, but the end effect is pretty damn hot when Ann Angel covers her body with it…..

ann angel sun tan lotion

Um, if she needs any help rubbing herself down…. I’ll gladly lend a helping hand or two!

Want to help out??

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Short Jean Skirt

There is just something about a short sexy jean skirt that turns all men on. I swear, the short jean skirt has been around since I was a young lad – and that was a long long time ago! Maybe it’s just the fact that they are showing the legs, or maybe it’s the easy access; Maybe it’s just that we are all sitting around hoping that they’ll spread their legs just enough so that we get a quick glimpse of their panties – if they are wearing any it is!

Ann Angel wears a short jean skirt well! She sure does have the legs for it!

anna angel jean skirt1

Of course, Ann Angel just plan likes to show off! any chance she gets and she’s showing off. I guess if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Ann Angel also loves to spread her legs…. She’s one of those girls who likes to wear panties, but because of this she likes to show them off!

anna angel jean skirt2 anna angel jean skirt4 anna angel jean skirt5 anna angel jean skirt6

When she bends over from behind and we get a shot up her skirt….. Smoking fucking hot! We can see that Ann Angel is wearing a sexy little red thong – and not leaving much to the imagination either!

anna angel jean skirt7

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Ann Angel cannot resist… It was just a matter of time before she hiked up her dress to show off her tight little ass… And what a beautiful ass Ann Angel has!

I can just imagine what it’s like to spank her little bottom! Her tight little bottom!

ann angel tight ass topless 1

Being as Ann Angel is outside and alone… She decided to get naked – showing off her sexy boobs!

ann angel tight ass topless 2

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Fun Girl

Sometimes I think Ann Angel is a bit too much fun for her own good. She seems to always to be having fun. And when you have a killer body, a face most men want to cum on, and big boobs…. And then long blonde hair…. Well, this could be a dangerous combination!

Here she is in a short little black skirt – a very short black skirt – pressing her breasts up against the window!

ann angel short skirt big breasts6

Let’s see those boobies close up…. Oh wow!

ann angel short skirt big breasts5

That’s just stunning!!!!

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