Sexy Swing

Don’t we all wish we had a girl like Ann Angel? Willing to go out and swing in the playground in the cold, wearing nothing but a short little jean skirt and a sweat shirt? Clearly she’s not wearing a shirt or a bra; You can see her damn nipples right through her sweat shirt! It must be cold out!

But Ann Angel is more than willing! Ann Angel is a fun loving girl!!!!

ann angel sexy hot teen swing1

I’m not sure if I want Ann Angel to unzip her sweat shirt to show us her beautiful little teen boobies or if I want her to swing up so I can see her panties through her skirt!

ann angel sexy hot teen swing2

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Well, this Ann Angel like we’ve never seen her before… Smoking hot too!

Looks like Ann Angel has decided to stop teasing us, and start pleasing us. And right out of the gate she’s masturbating with a sexy glass dildo…

ann angel masturbating glass dildo 1

You can tell from the look on her face that she’s just starting to masturbate, but you can tell that she’ll be getting off quickly.. Fucking herself with a glass dildo – how can Ann Angel not get off quickly?

ann angel masturbating glass dildo 2

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Short Black Dress

Every now and then a photo shoot comes out and it just knocks your socks off. This set of photos from Ann Angel is one such set. She’s wearing a short and tight black dress and sexy slutty little boots. I swear I want to fuck Ann Angel until I was so sore I couldn’t walk……

Very hot!

anna angel short sexy black dress2

This is the way all women should dress. Chicks should take note of what Ann Angel is wearing. Tight short dresses. We need to bring these back.

Of course, one of the main reasons short dresses are so hot is not only because they show off their legs (and Ann Angel has some sexy legs), but also because we like to imagine that they aren’t wearing any panties… And if that’s the case the only thing stopping us from getting at what we want the very most is a single piece of thin fabric that we can quickly lift up. I call it “easy access”.

Funny, I don’t see any panties lines on Ann Angel here!

anna angel short sexy black dress1 anna angel short sexy black dress3 anna angel short sexy black dress6 anna angel short sexy black dress8

Damn, Ann Angel looks sexy! I’m digging those boots too!

I bet you that Ann Angel is the type of chick who has a lot of fucking shoes. Whatever. As long as she looks hot slutty sexy I don’t care.

anna angel short sexy black dress9

Oh, she is wearing panties. Shame on you Ann Angel. I thought you were the kind of girl that would go commando on a daily basis. No problem. Those panties will come off quickly enough!

anna angel short sexy black dress10

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Dark Sunglasses

Sometimes Ann Angel is a bit too much for me to handle… Here she is in the woods wearing a jean mini skirt and her dark sunglasses trying to play coy and sexy with us. It’s a look Ann Angel can easily pull off….. Face it, Ann Angel is a smoking hot teen!!!!

And so damn cute there!

ann angel sexy teen short skirt thong upskitr5

Of course being alone in the woods with her would be a special treat…. She hikes that skirt up to reveal that she’s wearing a tiny little thong!!! What a beautiful ass Ann Angel has – and great strong teen legs too!!!!

ann angel sexy teen short skirt thong upskitr6

Ann Angel is clearly my type of woman!!!!

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Ass Up Face Down

Of all of my favorite positions for a young teen to get into for sex, having them down on their knees and elbows with their legs spread is my all time favorite. It’s called “Ass up, face down”. Yummy. With young Ann Angel here, you aren’t sure if this teen sex kitten wants to be hit from behind or if she wants a spanking….. My guess is that Ann Angel wants both, spankings first, then hit it from behind…..

And you know that Ann Angel is always willing!!!

ann angel ass up-face down

Of course, willing teens always ranks high up on our list!!! And Ann Angel is on the top of that list!!!!

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Public Nudity

What’s this? What is Ann Angel doing here? She’s outside wearing nothing more than a bathrobe and a pair of black boots? Outside?

ann angel-public nudity1

Oh, you know exactly where this is going…. Ann Angel is going to do some flashing – in public no less! I’m guessing she’s buck ass naked under that pink robe and she’s going to show us the world…. But I’m also guessing that’s in the member’s area!!!!

I can’t wait to see Ann Angel flashing us in public! That’s always hot!!!!

ann angel-public nudity2

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Ann Angel has a great rack, and that’s wonderful, but it’s not the size of the breasts – it’s how they show them off… And Ann Angel knows how to show off her breasts!

She’s got a sexy pink and black and grey plaid bra going on here, with keeps her breasts neatly and tightly tucked in… Perfect – if Ann Angel is going jogging…

ann angel super sexy bra

But we really want to see Ann Angel taking off her sexy bra and showing us her sexy perky titties!

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This is a rare photo of Ann Angel topless….. And not only is Ann Angel topless, she’s outside in the snow!!! I bet you her nipples are hard as a rock!

ann angel rare topless photo hot teen snow bunny

Ann Angel is crazy!!!! I wouldn’t get naked outside if you paid me…. Well, then again, if it mean the chance to have sex with Ann Angel I might just consider it, although the shrinkage might just be a problem for me……

My gosh, I always knew that Ann Angel had a nice teen rack but I had no idea how beautiful her teen titties really were until just now!!!

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Hot Irish Chick

Looks like Ann Angel did a St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot. Sweet. I wonder if she’s Irish.

ann angel st patricks day8

I’m Irish; It’s a long story but I didn’t know it until I was like twenty-five years old. Suddenly life was explained – Why / how I was always so lucky, and why I’ve always been attracted to fair skinned red heads.

If Ann Angel is Irish, well, I’m sold on her. I wouldn’t turn her away if she’s not Irish, but if she is I just want my Ann Angel even more now!

ann angel st patricks day1 ann angel st patricks day2 ann angel st patricks day7 ann angel st patricks day5

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When Ann Angel wants to entertain her man, she goes all out… Push up bra, matching panties, high heels, stripper pole… Stripper pole?

And of course Ann Angel can move like a stripper too – that’s important! Because strippers make the best lovers in bed… It’s the way they move their hips!

ann angel stripper pole1 ann angel stripper pole2

And from the looks of things, Ann Angel has this done!

ann angel stripper pole3

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